Our Beginning.

Millwood Cabinet Co. Inc. began in 1960 when founder David Millwood began his apprenticeship under master cabinet maker Ben R. Sullivan at Modern Cabinet Co. David learned to love to work with wood and master the beauty and hardships of making wood products tight, strong, and beautiful as a result of the great knowledge and devotion that Ben Sullivan had for his honorable trade and craft. 

After 13 years of working with Mr. Sullivan, David struck out to start his own wood working business in 1973. In the early years, the challenge was to satisfy his mentor, but then and ever since the personal challenge for David Millwood has been to satisfy each and every customer as a priority. Each customer, no matter how simple or complex the job, is a joy to us. 

Today, many of the employees at Millwood Cabinet are apprenticeship trainees of David Millwood, some for over 30 years. David, his two sons Matt and Billy, and each and every craftsman at Millwood Cabinet has devoted his talents to serving our customers with concern and priority to customer satisfaction above all else. We take great joy in the letters and calls of praise for our designs, skill, and courtesy that we receive from our customers.